Friday, October 15, 2010


Once in a while it’s good to give your artistic side a little kick start, and go see other artists that are being productive.  So this weekend I attended the LA Brewery Art Walk.   The Brewery Artist Lofts is the largest art colony in the world, and twice a year they host an event where many of the artists open their homes and display their art. 

Though there were so many talented artists showing, there were a few whose works really jumped out at me.  Here are some of my favorites from this year……

Wendy Hall

Wendy does these stunning photographic collages that are printed on transparancies, allowing them to be mounted on any surface or mounted as a light box.  Most of what she had displayed were mounted on copper sheeting, which created even more depth, and accentuated the grittier atmosphere that the collages already portray.

I go to Dave's Studio every time I go to the Brewery. I love the pop art aspect of his reduction linocuts.

Joyce Aysta of Live Your Dreams Designs
I fell in love with these "origami architecture" pop up cards.  The cut outs are so delicate and detailed!  I would mount them in a shadow box and hang them as art.  I'm even thinking of taking one of her classes where she teaches how to do this.

Ben Hoffman

Ben was displaying work from a project called Project1, it's concept being to create a finished image every day of 2010 that was either gallery worthy, honed his craft, or healed his heart.  I think we all can learn a lesson from his self-issued assignment.  Most of us have some sort of art or hobby that makes happy, or a little more fulfilled.  But quite often we get swept up with work and life, and this hobby gets pushed farther and farther down the priority list.  But your happiness should be a priority.  We should, at least once a week, or every other week if we're really that bogged down, do that one thing that makes us happy.  Even if its just an hour or so, work on your own project, nurture your own soul, and feel that high that a sense of accomplishment and pride gives you.

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